Cafes Abroad: Thoughts on the London Cafe Scene

When waking up overseas I am often torn between the desire to seek the local top rated cafe, eat in the first place I spot, or wander around and hope for the best. Sometimes this means my head is buried in Google Maps for half an hour or I’m walking for half an hour.

In London the plan for brunch can become even more difficult as the cafe scene is quite black or white. Some cafes request you book a week in advance, others ask you wait in line outside. I have participated in both.

Wandering into the Hoxton Hotel in London on a Sunday afternoon, I was delighted and surprised to discover a popular venue that did not have either prerequisites.

The Hoxton is a beautiful, trendy, busy yet spacious space located in the lobby of a hotel. It consists of both a bar and a restaurant, both of which are quite low lit. There are comfy leather couches, cozy tables for two, windows with a view, large shared tables. Most people were working off a laptop, some with headphones on, a beer in hand, and others surrounded by business partners or friends. One girl even had her dog beside her. There was a buzz in the air that made me feel like this is a place where people get things done.

I found a table by the window that had a good view of the the bar, the city outside and the customers. I ordered a latte over ice. There was a quite an upper class feel to the place and the service was great. I stayed for about half an hour and vowed to be back with my laptop under my wing.


Location: A short walk from Holborn Station

199-206 High Holborn, Holborn, London WC1V 7BD

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