Christian Dior Designer of Dreams Exhibition – London

Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams Exhibition – V&A London. I was lucky enough to purchase a ticket the morning the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) announced they were extending the Dior Exhibition due to popular demand. With the V&A being one of my favourite museums in London, I knew the exhibition would be a standout of the summer.

Spanning from 1947 to the present day, Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams traces the history and impact of one of the 20th Century’s most influential designers.

My friend Zohra and I entered the exhibition on a busy Sunday afternoon. There were many stylish women dressed up for the occasion. Some people took time to study the text noted below the gowns and peer intently at the fabrics, others pointed out their favourite piece and engaged in discussion. Many snapped a quick photo or ten. One of my favourite things about an exhibition is seeing like-minded people wandering around, knowing they are in as much awe as you are. I enjoyed overhearing phrases such as “Oh, I must have this.” “This is the piece I was telling you about.” “I remember those coats.”

The red coat (Profilée coat, 1952) was my favourite piece in the Dior Exhibition at the V&A.

The fashion house Christian Dior was founded in 1947, shortly after the end of the Second World War. During this time designers started creating beautiful and extravagant garments away from the constraints of rationing and wartime hardships. Dior’s first collection was named ‘New Look.’ An age of elegance and femininity.

The Royals loved Dior. The dress below was worn by Princess Margaret on her 21st Birthday.

A floral influence appears in many of Dior’s designs.

Each room in the exhibition was visually stunning while providing the fashion enthusiast or history buff enough information to really start to understand the world of fashion. I loved the way the exhibition was laid out thematically with every room taking on a new colour scheme. Some rooms were brightly lit and felt quite spacious where others were quite dark.

It is within the ateliers where the creative visions unfold. These are the workshops where images and ideas are turned into garments.

The dresses in the golden ballroom were the most glamorous I had ever seen. The gowns in the centre were on a revolving stage and walls were covered in mirrors.

Attending the Dior exhibition was definitely a highlight to my summer in London. I strongly suggest you buy a ticket if you get the chance. The exhibition will run until the 1st September 2019 at the V&A in Kensington.


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