Bondi to Bronte: Sydney’s Best Coastal Walk

Bondi to Bronte Coastal Walk
Bondi to Bronte Coastal Walk: Bondi Beach at sunset

Australia is famous for its beautiful beaches and coastal towns. And the best way to enjoy the beaches other than laying on the sand or swimming in the waves is on a coastal walk. In particular, the Bondi to Bronte Coastal walk is one of the most breathtaking coastal walks that Australia has to offer.

I recently completed the walk by starting at Bronte Beach and heading to Bondi Beach, stopping for a late lunch before heading back to Bronte as the sun was beginning to set. Coastal walks are a great way to explore and soak up the scenery, whether it be with a coffee in hand or at a run.

I took a some photos along the way.

Bondi to Bronte Coastal Walk: Bronte Beach
Bronte Beach – where the walk can start or end
Bronte Beach – a few people braving the winter temperatures!
Bronte Beach – spot the surfers in the waves
Continue along the path towards Tamarama Beach
Bondi to Bronte Coastal Walk: Tamarama beach
Tamarama Beach
Beautiful views the whole way!
Tamarama at Sunset
Bondi to Bronte Coastal Walk: Bondi Beach
Bondi Beach

A more popular route is to start on the southern end of Bondi Beach and walk towards Bronte. There is a walking path that leads up to the Bondi Icebergs Club. By continuing along the path you will pass huge overhanging rocks and end up at Tamarama Beach, followed by Bronte Beach.

The Bondi to Bronte coastal walk weaves along the east coast of Sydney and provides beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean and the sandstone cliffs. The walk is 2.5 kms long but I assure you the backdrop provides the perfect distraction and you won’t even notice how far you have walked!

Bondi Beach
Bondi Beach at sunset
Bondi Beach at sunset

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